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Poetry for me are word’s that let your emotions be free, In times when you don’t understand how things should really be. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, Then like Thre3dee paint a picture through poetry.


In times where everyone picks up a pen here and then, Maybe even again and again (All my friends that use to write) No matter what paper helps my expression of pen  I’m Thre3dee started writing Poetry when I was working in The sector of Hospitality, not knowing where one was headed

So I kept writing blindly, which help me battle many things even my Anxiety.


At an early age words have always meant allot to me, As it’s what really comforts everybody, words have the power to ‘move mountains’ we have all heard, Sometimes we have created our own mountains with a lack of expression or expressing where we was not suppose to (Some People don’t really care), I feel So I hope when you connect with my poetry I hope the connection we establish is real as I express everything I feel Openly situations we all have faced commonly but I chose to address mine differently.


 In times I find people having stopped expressing themselves hence why we all know someone suffering from Depression and Anxiety weather they open about it or chose to suffer quietly.

All they really need are real words and people who express and don’t stress them on a daily (My Philosophy).


So weather your looking to express yourself or be understood it’s always good to take a look in the creative writing styles of poetry where I promise you the day you find the words you’re looking for it will feel like soul therapy, It’s nice when one can openly express themselves in reality,

‘No matter what life wasn’t created for anyone to be lonely so I stress and over and over again I express and confess I wish all of humanity the best I support you to support me no contest it’s the only way the human race ever going to progress but it feels like a slow process where I can’t find the right people to invest’ THRE3DEE 


You are responsible to listen and understand the values of others and chose the most beneficial words of expression when addressing anyone and hopefully this energy we put out

Will end up coming back around to find us in return, so always send out Positivity

Everyone’s on a different journey we just at the same interchange called life, weather you carry luggage worries or insecurities there’s nothing wrong to take a minute to yourselves and breathe in positivity I wonder how many people would read this Blog and think I need to start writing again…. If you do feel like I have inspired you to write again… please let me know would feel like I’m on the right path on connecting

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