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Why I Started writing

Poetry for me are word’s that let your emotions be free, In times when you don’t understand how things should really be.  If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for,

Then like Thre3dee paint a picture through poetry.

This is just a little piece of writing which I have used

From my other blog, as an example of written expression


I would say I find myself to be blessed in expressing myself, but it was not always something I found easy, as I had to face the obstacles life had for my own journey. But have always been a big believer of expression

I remember my tender ages I had allot of words coming out to fill a word count, but was lacking the skill to leave a serious message.

I was more like a negative sometimes which never got developed to being a picture for someone to vision which use to frustrate me (but we have overcome that)

 You can say so much in so little, Always keeps people interested

The moment you can express material, that will connect with people (THE AUDIENCE) then at that moment you become someone who offers a service to humanity. As long as you understand words have the power to achieve allot, so be responsible with the simple thought of spreading positivity through your content, which will always be a reason for people to share and make others aware of the working you’re trying to put out there.


(Is what I say you have to keep expressing no matter what’s happening on the day?)

Growing up you would find me playing up somewhere as a free spirit, when I never had the knowledge on how to exercise the mind yet allot of my childhood memories I have stored in my mind,

But like all things the only way you make something better is by practice, and a recommended form of exercise for the mind is Reading and writing,

This is blog is exercise for the brain as you have been reading it’s also been a workout.


Weather your writing letters, emails, text messages, someone’s future, or just summarising the past keep writing it does get very exciting you will stumble across moments that will be highlighting when someone else is reading or reciting


We are not all as skilful as most of the artist we see,

but you can do what I do if you can’t paint a picture you can at least describe it,

Yes, writing gives us this power and ability to describe things accurately or keep writing until we nail it. If you can deliver your message clearly then it’s like therapy because you know longer feel the frustration of not being able to explain


You are responsible to listen and understand the values of others and chose the most beneficial words of expression when addressing anyone and hopefully this energy we put out

Will end up coming back around to find us in return, so always send out Positivity

Everyone’s on a different journey we just at the same interchange called life, weather you carry luggage worries or insecurities there’s nothing wrong to take a minute to yourselves and breathe in positivity

I wonder how many people would read this Blog and think I need to start writing again…. If you do feel like I have inspired you to write again… please let me know would feel like I’m on the right path on connecting

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