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What are Emotions?

Emotions weather you chose to show them, express them or hide them repress them everyone has them, Life experiences always bring out a version of you which may be different to the previous depending on the severity of the experience like the saying goes once bitten twice shy.


There is nothing wrong and I mean absolutely nothing wrong with expressing your emotions because emotions itself is an expression that you feel and your alive. So as long as the lord keeps blessing you with moments, no matter what the emotion like all storms this one will pass by too so stay strong and keep expressing.

I’ve felt emotionally broken,

And spiritually drained

All my life the only thing constant was change,

My own emotions no longer the same

By Thre3dee

Many times one will not always be expressive when it comes to emotions as deep down we all suffer the fears of rejection heartbreak neglect and disapproval. So many times people will not express themselves rather follow a formula or a trend that works just to be accepted.

Allot of times when this formula goes wrong or the trend comes to an end the person who you was expressive to is now emotionally drained because you no longer feel the same as you never up’d   your game and then it’s not clear what emotion you blame but then it’s too late as no one remains the same energies are dead so one has the ability to explain all thoughts from my brain.

My Experience

I’m a very expressive individual who has found himself through expression as every day I like to record my feelings as I capture moments through poetry so I like to write more of my own philosophy which all comes from the ability to feel freely.

I am a very positive person who enjoys life and likes to make the most of every situation every scar is a learning curve it’s all about how you address the experience, Love itself will give you the ability to be selfless and always put others before yourself. And it’s an expression weather people are happy or sad they are not able to contain this emotion as it reflects in peoples character and there speech  all reflect their emotions.


So no matter what you feel if you have the right people around you, express freely as it’s all about being happy and making your soul happy as you’re in charge of your own happiness. And if your happy from within then your stocked to distribute moments of positivity and happiness to the world because when we feel happy we always want to help everyone and change whatever is in our paths or at least it’s how I feel .


You are responsible to listen and understand the values of others and chose the most beneficial words of expression when addressing anyone and hopefully this energy we put out

Will end up coming back around to find us in return, so always send out Positivity

Everyone’s on a different journey we just at the same interchange called life, weather you carry luggage worries or insecurities there’s nothing wrong to take a minute to yourselves and breathe in positivity

I wonder how many people would read this Blog and think I need to start writing again…. If you do feel like I have inspired you to write again… please let me know would feel like I’m on the right path on connecting

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