three dee alopecia

What Is Alopecia?

Hair Loss is something which is unavoidable; it normally comes for those with Hair.

There are different types of Alopecia I personally know Alopecia Areta

Which begins out of nowhere in the form of little unnoticeable patches that before you know everyone starts noticing, and then you start finding patches in your confidence, shortly after.


I was at the young age of 11 when my alopecia had begun, and I remember since then loads has changed like bald heads have become allot more common. Thank you Hollywood

But when you lose your hair at whatever age it’s a challenge,

 But my challenges started early, I have had friends and family say some very mean things to attack my low self esteem, which at the time you swallow like a tough pill, and the way people treat you will have an impact on how you express and feel. 

But not everyone you call a friend,

Is a friend

Times of hardship,

Normally poker faces are exposed.  

But when you start doubting and questioning yourself sometimes you will find yourself in a place where finding the motivation to continue fades. But Hair loss even though I found it to have left me speechless at a young age in reality gave me the tools to express myself in a more creative way which has made me find myself and been a form of acceptance

My Experience

Growing up your just a free spirit as a kid where you don’t want people to keep trying to fix you, especially when deep down you don’t feel broken, Reminiscing the day the doctor told my parents one of the reasons to my condition could be stress/ but I was confused, as wasn’t I suppose to tell you when I felt that way.

I was referred to the hospital where I was conceived for further treatment which just didn’t make any sense as I felt like an experiment, with no results to show.

Next stop I visited my Mothers native country Pakistan where I had allot of people guessing and trying to fix me which completely discouraged me from any further treatment, but people were always cynical towards my condition, always looking for a cure when they never understood I don’t know myself any other way this is me.   


There was a time in my life where I isolated and all interaction with the outside world which prevented me from progressing in life, until the point I saw this as a blessing. As I am comfortable in my own skin and ultimately happy with the Lords decree, which reminds me I have no control over anything in life which stops me from getting to consumed by my feelings relating to my condition.


You are responsible to listen and understand the values of others and chose the most beneficial words of expression when addressing anyone and hopefully this energy we put out

Will end up coming back around to find us in return, so always send out Positivity

Everyone’s on a different journey we just at the same interchange called life, weather you carry luggage worries or insecurities there’s nothing wrong to take a minute to yourselves and breathe in positivity

I wonder how many people would read this Blog and think I need to start writing again…. If you do feel like I have inspired you to write again… please let me know would feel like I’m on the right path on connecting