three dee night post


Where I look, you are all I sight.
No matter where I am,
You’re the only name I recite.
I love you and don’t want to fight
Want to spend together every morning,
After every lovely night.
Want to touch you and tease you,
Do everything it takes to please you.
Hold u in my arms and squeeze you,
Don’t ever walk away
As it’s not a toy, it’s my heart.
I need you baby
As without you, I’m falling apart.
You’re that one miracle
That blessed my life since the start.
I noticed you are as an art.
Your picture is kept safe in my heart.
Wanting you day and night
Has forever made me feel so right!
Want you back in my arms
Before the end
Of the night

three dee darkness post


Darkness falls is a fact,
In your life it can have a deep impact.
Why tell someone your worst fear
When all they do is share
An artificial tear
Come close and join your fears
Leaving your heart
To cry those tears
Is it love or just a lie?
Why do I have to be left to cry?
All I did was love not war
I want you back in my life
So, please say no more.
You know who and where I am
If you want to meet me
Tell me
I’ll be there as soon as I can.
Convince your family along with your mum
One day be my bride
I’ll sing you a love song.



Minutes together and moments away
We should sit for a moment and pray
That however long life is to last
Together we stay.
Love to love, hate to hate.
No matter what, don’t hesitate
They both share feelings
Good or bad.
You don’t want to lose your loved one,
Living sad
Running to you hear, I am
I Love you
I’ll do whatever I can.
We should be chilling and willing
The life we share
Can be blessed for our living
So, don’t leave me
For a moment we share,
Because, no one will love you
Like me.
When it comes to you,
I truly care.